Zen mode customisation


Hello, friends! I hope you enjoy switching to the ‘om’ mode as often as I do :slight_smile:

Judging by your feedback, everybody is OK with the dark background.
But the light background image (with the ships) didn’t set so well.

Here’s a couple of code snippets for you to customise your own Zen writing environment

.zenBgImage {
background-image: url();  
 /* Paste the background image URL in the brackets  || Try this one https://checkvist-prod-uploads.s3.amazonaws.com/u/JwUSRxBtwcNGNk/fc47d7fe4e05499e6e61d40596e04721a9be3b9b/original/zenModeTestLight.jpg*/

.zenBgImage {
opacity: .25;      /* This opacity is added by default. You can change it, if you like */

If you don’t want any pictures in the background,

.zenBgImage {
background-image: none;

These and other CSS snippets are in the public list https://checkvist.com/checklists/486715/tasks/34636663

As for me, I like the current OM background. Maybe, because the sea and the ships is the only thing we really miss here, in the Czech Republic :slight_smile:


I was going to complain that you can’t get CSS customisation without a PRO account, but then I realised that the subscription is actually very reasonably priced, and I gave myself a kick up the butt.

Still, I think a simple white background would be preferable for free users, especially people coming from Workflowy.


Free users have white/black backgrounds – pay to get a pretty landscape!
I wish it worked as a sales drive :slight_smile:


Zen mode is a good idea, and I like the keyboard shortcut for it! :slightly_smiling_face:

Recently, I use Checkvist more on iPad without keyboard: In the meantime, I even find the way out of Zen mode tapping in the dark.


Gosh, that’s not Zen, that’s the Jedi mode! :slight_smile:


I didn’t realize. Then we shouldn’t use DARK mode so much.


By the way, the last rule in your examples where you eliminate the background image selects zenImage when it should be zenBgImage, I guess.