Flat-colour Zen (‘om’) mode

I’ve wanted a ‘stripped-down’ Zen mode for a very long time, but I find myself avoiding the current implementation.

This is because I am forced to have an image as a background.

I find this more distracting than having the UI show all the time, because at least the UI is aesthetically neutral. An image I didn’t choose––even a tasteful one like boats in the mist––is not.

Can we get an option to switch the image off? An all-white background would be absolutely perfect for me.

+1 for this idea.

Zen mode is a fantastic one, on top of having the hoist feature, but the image detracts and distracts. (Sorry for nitpicking;))


Here is a post which describes how to change image (or remove it) in the Zen mode: Zen mode customisation.

Hope this helps :slight_smile: