What's next on the feature roadmap?

@maxkir, just curious what’s next on the feature roadmap now that Google Calendar 2-way sync is done.


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Hoping for Boolean operations in search and saved searches :grin:


Yep! If I had to pick one, improved and saved searches would be it as well.

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Hello folks,

We are re-working and unifying Checkvist’s action system. This will allow us to implement some interesting things. I will not go into details right now, as we’ll be releasing it iteratively. Hopefully, you’ll see the first update pretty soon, and we’re going to test it on beta first.

Along the way, we will brush up and simplify the UI a bit, too.

As for the saved searches / boolean operations / more convenient customization, it’s all planned and in the queue.

Thanks a lot for your interest :slight_smile:

Yep ! I hope it too !!

Yes!!!, its a very important feature…

Create a “Saved Searches” list and add items like https://checkvist.com/search?what=myprecious.

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