Boolean operations in search and saved searches

To use the GTD parlance, I am thinking of using Checkvist tags for GTD contexts, and Checkvist due dates for GTD start dates. To get all the items that are available in a given context, I’d like to search for (#errands AND ^now) OR (#errands AND ^none). Are these type of boolean expressions in search possible with Checkvist?

If so, it is possible to save such a search, and possibly give it a name, for quick access? This would be similar to “starring” a search in WorkFlowy (without the name giving part), or creating a bookmark for a search in Dynalist?

PS: Kudos for the extensive and easily searchable (1 page) doc, which is a rarity these days. I’m sure it took some work, but it truly is a great resource!


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Hello, Alex,

You’ve just described the feature that is on the very top of our priority list :slight_smile:

It’s on top of our customer wishlist, too and

I can’t give exact estimates, but it’s really itching to start it as soon as possible :slight_smile: As usual with big features, we probably will complete them in several iterations. We’ll be posting here any public updates ready for testing.

And thanks a lot for your warm words about the reference. As a team of two, we are juggling all kinds of tasks, including tech writing. And as with everything else, it’s itching to do much more and much better :slight_smile:

Will be trying harder, then!

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Excellent Sasha, and thank you for the quick response. I wasn’t aware of your UserVoice, and am glad to read there is a good chance those will be implemented in a not-too-distant future.

Keep up the good work: you made a product that is already great today, but also has lots of potential.