Boolean operations in search and saved searches

To use the GTD parlance, I am thinking of using Checkvist tags for GTD contexts, and Checkvist due dates for GTD start dates. To get all the items that are available in a given context, I’d like to search for (#errands AND ^now) OR (#errands AND ^none). Are these type of boolean expressions in search possible with Checkvist?

If so, it is possible to save such a search, and possibly give it a name, for quick access? This would be similar to “starring” a search in WorkFlowy (without the name giving part), or creating a bookmark for a search in Dynalist?

PS: Kudos for the extensive and easily searchable (1 page) doc, which is a rarity these days. I’m sure it took some work, but it truly is a great resource!


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Hello, Alex,

You’ve just described the feature that is on the very top of our priority list :slight_smile:

It’s on top of our customer wishlist, too and

I can’t give exact estimates, but it’s really itching to start it as soon as possible :slight_smile: As usual with big features, we probably will complete them in several iterations. We’ll be posting here any public updates ready for testing.

And thanks a lot for your warm words about the reference. As a team of two, we are juggling all kinds of tasks, including tech writing. And as with everything else, it’s itching to do much more and much better :slight_smile:

Will be trying harder, then!

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Excellent Sasha, and thank you for the quick response. I wasn’t aware of your UserVoice, and am glad to read there is a good chance those will be implemented in a not-too-distant future.

Keep up the good work: you made a product that is already great today, but also has lots of potential.




Any update on this? IIRC last time I asked it was going to be worked on at the end of 2019… I still miss it every day. I want to be able to search for “^now priority:1” and get all my items due now (and only those) that are also priority 1, i.e., parameters are pruning from left to right as expected!

Still #3 on user voice…

Hello @xBergade,

I’m feeling quite embarrassed, as I promised this feature and still haven’t started coding it. Looks like I should promise less, as the plans change :frowning:

At the same time, what you’re describing is “AND” operation for the items, and the global search for “^now priority:1” should work correctly for the case you’re describing.

But the filtering logic within the list considers hierarchy as well, i.e. it should match “now” items which have priority:1 sub-items. It works this way only for filtering, as for the global search, we don’t show hierarchy.

As for our plans - this year we must start with long-standing technical debts which won’t directly bring features. And two next things we’d like to do - true group plans (and this #3 feature on uservoice you mentioned.

Anyway, all the best in the New Year!

I don’t get why the AND “stops” working with the sub-items, if it was a proper AND it would only select items or sub items that have both conditions.

Why is it like this? Is there actually a good reason for it? Maybe I’m missing something and not using it right… At the moment I’ve given on using priorities because of the search never gives me what I expect, I’m using tags instead since they seem to work as expected.

Well, the simple answer is because at some point someone from the community has asked for such behaviour and it looked like a reasonable idea. I.e. ancestor-descendant relationship should be taken into account for AND’ing conditions.

I’ve found the related blog post about it, but I’m afraid I did not found the discussion about that. Possibly, it should be an option.


OK, I hope this will become an option (that I can turn off!) soon! :slight_smile: