Welcome to Checkvist Friends!

This is the new place to talk, ask questions, propose features and even report bugs for Checkvist.

All 5 years of Google Plus community posts are exported to https://checkvist-google-plus.blogspot.com/

Here comes the first reply. Glad you have found a replacement for Google+.

Can’t reply to Checkvist got true breadcrumbs, though.

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Thanks :slight_smile: We’re also glad to find time to install it. G+ was mostly OK, but discourse is of course more flexible.

Still have to figure out around the interface, as you’ve noticed. The replies should be enabled now in the News category, thanks!

http is not redirected to https for discuss.checkvist.com. By intention?

Nope, thanks for pointing out. Looks like discourse force_ssl setting did not work properly in our setup, probably because it is a bit different from the default one. Will fix.

Does this also replace the UserVoice Forums?

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No, it is not a replacement but a better platform to discuss features and to bring attention to them. You can also use this forum to reference issues in UserVoice and to ask other people to support ideas from there.
Also, UserVoice is limited to 10 votes, and this forum is unlimited :slight_smile:

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Moved here from G+…

It would be nice if all the accumulated wisdom in G+ discussions was made available here. Even if it wasn’t attributed to the correct author (just an anonymous RIP Google+ user) at least the contents would be preserved and available for future generations of Checkvist users.

There is discussion of an import tool over on the Discourse forums and on Google+.

Personally, I think Google should have done the migration for everyone - either to Groups for Communities or Blogger for Profiles - instead of just wiping out a whole corner of the Internet. So whatever Checkvist does here is above & beyond and very much appreciated.


Thanks for the links @schultzter!

We won’t import old G+ posts into Discourse (still won’t be able to match users propertly), but I hope we will be able to post them in a separate place.

Discourse’s voting plugin allows you to limit the number of active votes. The default is 10.

One difference between UserVoice is that it doesn’t allow you to cast multiple votes on a single topic. Here’s a topic on meta.discourse.org that discusses the pros and cons of multiple voting (among other voting mechanics).

Hello @ento,

Thanks for pointing out at the voting plugin. Given that we already have a long history and lots of data in the UserVoice forum we probably won’t give it up and will keep voting for features there.


From now on, old Google+ posts are now available at

Thanks to Google+ Exporter

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