Checkvist got true breadcrumbs

The first server update in this year, and the first topic in this forum :slight_smile:

What do you think? Well, probably we have to invite our users to this forum first :wink:


Breadcrumbs is great! Thanks a lot!

Have you considered to show breadcrumbs even in distraction free mode (om)? Or, maybe, turn it in a configuration setting?

Thanks, glad you like it!

We thought about it and decided to hide breadcrumbs there. May be if we show them there it won’t be the true distraction free mode :wink:

You can always toggle om to see them, right?

Hello, Francisco,

It was itching to try, so I tried :slight_smile:
The ‘collapsed’ breadcrumbs are OK for the ‘zen mode’, I think

but when we expand the breadcrumbs… I’d agree with Kir, that becomes a bit too much, don’t you think?

Anyway, thanks for the idea!

Thanks for your reply. :grinning:

Yeah, you are right, it isn’t a good fit for the “zen mode”. Anyway, it’s really fast to toggle via om.

Congrats for your great product! I’ve been using it for a few months now and really appreciate it a lot.

Best regards!


Another use of Zen mode would be for giving presentations. Then, displaying the context via breadcrumbs would be a nice option. (E.g. when someone wants to follow the presentation again after checking the social status. :slight_smile:)

For presentations, I have not tried that. Do you think this is a viable option we should target for? I haven’t tried making presentations directly from Checkvist, though focus/unfocus can be used for that. But I don’t quite see how breadcrumbs would help presenter in this case, besides reminding the audience the name of the talk :slight_smile:

The use for (small) presentations could be improved. I wouldn’t stretch, though. Only what’s totally in line with Checkvist.

With the proper list structure (at least 2 levels), breadcrumbs help to show where you are. More about the presentation topic via email.

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Note: Modifiers [], [1], and [*] that are prefixes to the task text and automatically hidden, are shown in the breadcrumb.

Thanks for noticing, will fix :slight_smile:

Should be fixed on

Confirmed, thanks.

Side note 1: While testing the fix, I noticed for the first time that Shift + Right Arrow at the topmost task acts like Shift + Left Arrow. At first, I was confused. But it’s nice as a “quick peek” into the subtasks.

Side note 2: While exploring side note 1, I noticed a little inconsistency about the “open state” of subtasks when focussing and going back. At least I think there is. Will follow up on that.

Regarding the side note 1 - it was made intentionally, i.e. shift+right works as a toggle when the same node is selected. As you noticed, can be useful sometimes.

About inconsistency - please give some more details :slight_smile:

Thanks for the testing, all the resent fixes are on already