Web Clipper Option to Always Use Default List

I use the excellent clipper on the work and home desktops and the bookmarklet on mobile. The default behavior for the clipper to use the last used list as the “Add to” option works great when researching a topic for an extended period, but 80% of the time I add items to my Default “Inbox” list to process later, so I find myself switching lists back to my default list more often than not. It would be nice to have the option to always start the “Add to” dropdown in the same list in the clipper or always use the last used list in the clipper “Add to” dropdown. Thanks, Bob

Hello @rcavin ,

Sorry for the delayed answer. Could you please clarify a bit why you have to change the list to the Default inbox? WebClipper always opens with the list which was used the last time, so if you did save there, it will show it?

Or the problem comes because you use WebClipper both at home and work and you need 2 different default lists there?

Please let me know.

No worries, this isn’t a very pressing issue. 80% of the time I use the web clipper to save items to my default list. 20% of the time I’m researching a topic at work, switch to that topic list, and save several items in a row. There is minor issue when I switch to my home computer and the default list is set to the work topic I was researching. That’s infrequent. The bigger issue occurs when using the bookmarklet on my mobile browser, which I use as much if not more than the web clipper. The bookmarklet list defaults to the last used web clipper list and changing the list on the bookmarklet does not change the default list as it does on the web clipper, so until I get back a any desktop computer to use the web clipper the bookmarklet keeps using the last used web clipper list. I didn’t want to cloud the issue by bringing up the bookmarklet, but if there’s a way to set a parameter in the bookmarklet to always use the default list, that could also fix my issue.

Hello, I’m afraid I’m confused. Do I understand correctly that you use WebClipper on some mobile device, as a browser extension? Or you’re talking about Checkvist mobile here, https://m.checkvist.com ? It is probably a bit too late, but still …


Didn’t mean to muddle the desktop web clipper request with mobile bookmarklet usage. It would be good to have an option on the desktop web clipper to always use a default list or always use the last used list.

On mobile I do this: How to Use a Checkvist Bookmarklet on Mobile - Questions / Suggestions / Feedback - Checkvist Friends and it uses the last list I selected on the desktop web clipper instead of the Inbox list I use most of the time and I can’t change that back until I get to a desktop browser.


Thanks for the explanation, finally I’ve got it. I did not realize the old pre-webClipper bookmarklet is still used. I believe I’ve fixed the problem with list memorizing, please check.

Kind regards,

Looks like you decoupled the list memorizing between the web clipper and bookmarklet. That works for me. Thanks! To me the bookmarklet is a very under-appreciated feature. I mostly use the mobile website and the bookmarklet saves items much faster than going through Android or iOS sharing. Takes two clicks on iOS and one click on Android by mapping the home button to the bookmarket. Thanks again!

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