Repeat task daily


Please, can you tell me what is number +1 before repeat?


I suppose you’ve enabled a mode when due dates are shown in relative format. There is a keyboard shortcut df for that (due format), and there is a corresponding option in Checkvist settings, too.

So basically, +1d means that the due date for this task is tomorrow :slight_smile:

Here is a discussion where we’ve decided to add such a mode: Is there a way to view due dates by days/weeks remaining?

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If I would like to see the date for the repeated task (not +1 day or tomorrow), is this possible as well?

Hmm, I’m afraid this is not possible. For tomorrow’s due we always show “tomorrow” instead of date. And the same for “today” and “yesterday”. Why would you want it?

It’s okay if this feature isn’t available. I wanted this feature because it would have been helpful to see the task date chronologically.


The best place to see due tasks chronologically is probably on the Due page. There is also extra grouping (Overdue, today, tomorrow, next …), but the tasks are ordered chronologically within groups.

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Thank you for your help.

I need to practice, that’s what I see. I have to practice a lot, and then eventually a workflow will develop that will allow me to work quickly and efficiently, but my practice cannot be underestimated.