Is there a way to view due dates by days/weeks remaining?

Personally I find it helpful to see due dates by time remaining, for example…

  • 3wk,4d instead of March 3rd.

Is it possible to do this in Checkvist? Would it be an easy feature to implement?
I tried to google this, but came up with nothing.

I can’t be alone in finding this format of viewing deadlines useful.
To me at least, “March 3rd” feels intangible. By contrast “-3wks” tells me I have enough time.

In my specific case, I’m a professor teaching multiple courses and trying to plan classes in the weeks ahead. Some lessons I’ve taught before, others introduce new material. Quickly seeing how much time I have for the hard-to-prepare lessons vs. the easier ones would be helpful. I’m sure there are many other applications to use this feature.

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+1. I had long thought of this addition. To me having a sort of negative sense of “days left” than “due in” is a far more motivating factor than the other way around.

I would use this as well. One tool that has a lot of good features is Tick Tick. It does allow toggling a countdown rather than specific dates. I absolutely love Checkvist because of the keyboard centric features.

I would like that, along with a shortcut to flip between days/weeks left and actual date

Hello friends,

Thanks for the suggestion.

We definitely can add a view option for the due dates.

Probably, overdue dates should have “-” before them and due dates in the future should not. Like, “-1d” is due yesterday, “1d” is due tomorrow. How does it sound? Or do you prefer vice versa?

For today, we’ll probably always show “today” as there is not much sense to do otherwise.

We think about using df shortcut to toggle due view, from “due format”.

Another question is whether to calculate weeks, months, and years or use plain day count.



Sounds natural / intuitive for me.

An user’s preference (toggle at settings page)?


OP here replying a bit late… (somehow missed notifications on this thread)

What about a mix of these? Depending on how far out?
-4d +4d
-1w2d +1w2d
-2m3w4d +2m3w4d

That last one is a bit clunky maybe alternate format of
or alternately

I realize months don’t perfectly fit with weeks. Still, I personally find 2m3wk more useful than 11wk. At least to get a rough idea on how far out due tasks are.

I’m not a software designer, so perhaps you’d have a better idea

hope this helps.