Pairing of brackets/quotes

Hello friends,

I want to show a small feature that we’ve implemented while working on improved wiki-style linking.
It is available on (as well as some other ongoing work)

Decided to save some words and make a small video instead.

I hope it will be useful for you, please tell :slight_smile:



It will be very useful. I imagine this works with code blocks? Using the accent character. Cant wait to try this and do a video myself as bracketing is the pebble in the shoe of writing code blocks.

You are humble in the description of this “small feature” In some situations size doesn’t matter. :wink:

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It’s a valuable addition to the editor. Clearly a :+1: !

In one instance, it might get in the way: fenced code blocks (three backticks).

More generally, I wonder for some time how to think about it (in other writing environments). A radical viewpoint could consider those pairs of symbols as belonging together (vs. a bit of typing aid on character level). Then, this duality should not only show up when creating a pair but also when deleting it. The tags of an element in XML are a similar (and more complex) example. When editing the name, both the opening and closing tags should change. In one of my editors, the closing tag is removed when I remove the opening tag. But it does not remove the opening tag when I remove the closing tag. Besides, there is a shortcut that eliminates element tags wherever the cursor is located in the element.

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Ah. I knew I missed something. Thanks, should be fixed now!

About features like editing XML tags - that’s would be possible, too, but a bit more complex than brackets.
And basically, I’d want to make Checkvist editor a more rich component than a simple textarea first (maybe use contenteditable approach for that). But it is not the closest future, definitely.

Thanks again,

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Forgive my not understanding. As much as I read these last 2 posts I am not understanding what the issue with 3 backticks was. I tried it the night before and seems to work as expected.

Once the code block is written pressing 3 backticks duplicated it on the other end. Not sure if the problem was clearly described.

If backticks always come in pairs, you need to have some “trick” to get three backticks. Not anymore, thanks to @maxkir .

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Thanks for clarifying!

This seems to work well when you select words, but I’m finding it slightly problematic while typing.

  1. While typing and putting something in parenthesis/brackets the closing item is added, but then you either need to Right Arrow to get past it or keep typing, and type your own close item where you want it, and then the auto-created item rides along with your cursor and eventually needs to be deleted, from the end of your sentence, when you’re done typing.

  2. Typing words with apostrophes adds a second single quote - example: typing Don’t - becomes Don’t’

This last one I’m only including because it happened while I was doing more testing prior to writing this comment:

  • After selecting a word and adding square brackets, I changed my mind and deciding I wanted curly brackets instead. If you hit delete to try to remove the opening square bracket you end up deleting your selected word(s) - which hopefully you would notice, but the opportunity for content to accidentally get deleted while formatting seems risky to me.

I would like to see this feature as something users could enable/disable in account settings.

Hi Ross,

Thanks a lot for noticing!

Should be fixed now. When you type the closing quote, it should go through the one which were added automatically.

Right. Should be fixed, too. Quotes which start right after a letter are not paired now.

This one is more tricky. But hopefully, you’ll check what you do when changing the brackets, and Ctrl+Z should work, too.

So far we’d like to avoid adding an option as much as we can, and will try to fix issues.

Thanks a lot again for writing us before it goes to production :slight_smile:

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Thanks Kir!

Both text fixes look great. Thank you for the quick fix!

And, you’re right, CTRL+Z is a much better option when changing one’s mind while dealing with selected-text brackets. Good call!


Another minor item:
If there’s a space between the last word and a closing bracket and you try to delete the space, it deletes the space and the closing bracket.

If you type a opening bracket, type a word, hit space, hit delete - you’ll lose the closing bracket.

(example ) turns into (example if the space is deleted

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Fixed that, too, thank you! :pray:

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Amazing but I doubt I will be using Checkvist as my coding editor. :rofl:

True, but it could serve as a snippet collection for code and can be useful for tracking code updates.

Pairing quotes/brackets is not only about code, after all :wink:

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