Insert image within note

Currently, it looks like you have to embed the image and show it permanently or tap on the attachment and wait for it to load in a new window. None of these options really fits me :slight_smile:

I would like to be able to “hide/show” notes AND images at the same time or, even better in my case, be able to insert images within notes.

I’m trying to insert an image at its proper location within a note, but I have not been able to do it.

Within the note, I have made these attempts (without spaces):
! [] (image001.png)
! [] (./image001.png)
! [] (…/image001.png)
img: image001.png

It looks like it is trying to show an image! (Shows an empty image icon and overlays the “50% 75% 100% Unembed” menu), but the image doesn’t show up.

I guess the image is attached to the parent list item, not the note itself, so it is not able to find it.

A solution to any of the following questions would do it for me:

  • How can I attach an image to a note?
  • How can I reference an image attached to the list item?
  • Alternatively, is there any way to “hide/show” images quickly?

BTW, Checkvist is awesome!