Help, what exactly are bookmarks?


Bookmarks is the feature being developed right now, so there are no official docs/tutorials yet. Bookmarks allow you to save specific locations in Checkvist and navigate to these locations easily. Such locations include:

  • lists
  • list items
  • saved global searches
  • filtered lists
  • filtered due page
  • focused and filtered lists

When saving a bookmark, you give it a name and, optionally, a keyboard shortcut in a form bN where N is a number.

To set a bookmark on a filter/search - use the bookmark sign in the search field (it appears when the filter is present). To set a bookmark on a list item or list - use ab keyboard shortcut. When there is no selection - a bookmark to a list will be created. When a list item is selected - a bookmark on the list item will be created.

To navigate to a bookmark, use bb shortcut to open “Bookmarks” chooser and navigate with Enter key. Or, use a bookmark keyboard shortcut assigned when bookmark was created.

I hope this gives a bit of overview of what’s cooking :slight_smile:

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