Help, what exactly are bookmarks?

Sorry to bother anyone, but is there a good ELIF tutorial on bookmarks? I have been happily using Checkvist for years, but I have been busy working on different things and have ignored this new breakthrough. I am sure I want this feature, but I need to get a really simple walk-through.


Bookmarks is the feature being developed right now, so there are no official docs/tutorials yet. Bookmarks allow you to save specific locations in Checkvist and navigate to these locations easily. Such locations include:

  • lists
  • list items
  • saved global searches
  • filtered lists
  • filtered due page
  • focused and filtered lists

When saving a bookmark, you give it a name and, optionally, a keyboard shortcut in a form bN where N is a number.

To set a bookmark on a filter/search - use the bookmark sign in the search field (it appears when the filter is present). To set a bookmark on a list item or list - use ab keyboard shortcut. When there is no selection - a bookmark to a list will be created. When a list item is selected - a bookmark on the list item will be created.

To navigate to a bookmark, use bb shortcut to open “Bookmarks” chooser and navigate with Enter key. Or, use a bookmark keyboard shortcut assigned when bookmark was created.

I hope this gives a bit of overview of what’s cooking :slight_smile:

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Oh this is really nice, it seems natural and an obvious feature once I played with it. Of course, it would be nice to have a lot more (like dozens or hundreds). But even a few are great. I got confused at first, mixing “bookmark” with “bread crumb”.

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Hello @James_Lyke , you can have hundreds of bookmarks. You can only have 10 with keyboard shortcuts, for others, you should use bb window with the search by bookmark name. Would it work? Is it what you were talking about?


I don’t suppose we could consider 100 bookmarks, using keyboard sequence “bxy” keystrokes, where x and y are 0-9 numbers? that would cost one extra keystroke to access a bookmark (3 keystrokes) but would be a lot of power. Or “bx” where x is [0-9|a|c-z], reserving “b” for the window. That would give 35 (?) and keeps the keystrokes to 2
Beyond 100, the bb window provides an ability to remind what the bxy’s were and allows expansion to many more bookmarks. Just a suggestion. I like what you are doing and I will take what I can get.

Wow, would you memorize more than 10 bookmarks with bXY shortcuts and remember which one refers to where, by number? I envy your memory :slight_smile:

At the same time, it is almost as with TV channels. But one would probably watch less than 10 anyway (we don’t have a TV, so I’m guessing).

I don’t think we’ll add bXY notation, it would add more complication than add benefit.


Yes, probably too ambitious. Like I said, I will take whatever I can get. It is a neat feature. Thank you for creating it.

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