Bookmarks: phase 2

Hello folks,

We continue working on bookmarks, so here is a follow-up to our previous post.

We’ve updated beta site with the following changes:

  • bb shortcut now shows the list of bookmarks in our mighty Shift+Shift window. Those who used it to make an item bold, please use Ctrl+b/Cmd+b
  • Bookmarks for individual list items: Either click the bookmark icon on the left side from the selected list item or use the ab keyboard shortcut (add bookmark).
  • In the “Add bookmark” window you can now override an already used bN bookmark shortcut. Hover over an assigned shortcut to see which bookmark uses it.
  • Add cb shortcut to clear bookmark

We plan to add bookmarks for individual lists + improve the “Add bookmark” window a bit more. We are also going to make bookmarks a PRO feature.

Please try it out, we hope you’ll like it :slight_smile:

KIR & Sasha

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What do you think about not displaying an empty bookmark icon on selection?
We’ll have the ‘Add bookmark’ action in the menu, just like we have Focus there.
Plus, we already can use a keyboard shortcut to add it.

Let’s display it only when it’s set :point_down:

What do you think?

Since I would not click on it most of the time, it’s a good idea not to display it. (It’s a distraction.) However, it could sit hidden, silently waiting for a hover, and then become visible—i.e., when I’m actively searching for it to click. (In any row.)

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Ralf! Glad to see you here :slight_smile:
//How to lure a powerful user out of their lair? put something annoying in the UI!

No, seriously, we want to find the balance between ‘doesn’t distract’ and ‘is not hidden so nobody finds it for ages’.

We’ll try the solution you described straight away. Let’s see if it’s the balance we are looking for.

Hello everyone,

We’ve made another update of bookmarks support, including:

  • removed default icon for bookmark for the selected list item. One can now either hover over the place or use ab keyboard shortcut to add the bookmark for the list item
  • added support for filter has: bookmarks to show only list items with assigned bookmarks. This works on Due and List pages, global search is not supported. But for the all bookmarks search, you can use bb.
  • basic support for unfiltered list bookmarks. See the bookmark icon near the list name. No keyboard support yet for this.
  • fix bookmark rendering issues when printing a list (thanks Nail)

Hope these changes are useful, please let us know what you think :slight_smile:

Kind regards,

Bookmarks not getting removed from the Bookmarks list

I might be doing something wrong, but here’s what I’m seeing.

I’ll “ab” to add a bookmark to an item. Sometimes it’ll be a numbered bookmark like b3, and sometimes no number. Then I’ll go to “ab” again and Remove the bookmark. The symbol to the left of the item (either b3 or a bookmark symbol) will disappear. But, if I go to Lists > Bookmarks, those items will still be in the Bookmarks list. I’ve tried refreshing the screen, and also tried logging out and logging back in. The removed items still appear in the Bookmarks list.

Hello @NeilQ ,

Thanks! This is definitely a bug, looks like we did not update caches properly. Now it should be fixed, please check. And thanks a ton for reporting it :slight_smile:

By the way, you can also use cb keyboard shortcut to remove the bookmark - it is faster than using Remove in “ab” dialog.

Kindest regards,

This issue of the bookmark symbol appearing when printing seems to be back again.


Hi, on which list do you see it? Works fine in my case. Could it be some caching issue?

I tried clearing the cache of the browser (and closing then re-opening). The bookmark symbols still appear. They appear only on one of the subitems within one of my lists. They don’t appear on other parts of the same list.

I tried copying the subitems that show the bookmark symbol to a new subitem, and the same issue with the bookmark symbol appears when printing.

Any other ideas?

PS. One other thing. If I try to print the entire list and use the Expand All button, including the problem subitem, the bookmark symbols do not appear. They only appear when I Focus the problem subitem to isolate that subitem.

PPS. I now realize that this occurs on ANY subitem in this list, or any other list. If the subitem is 2 or 3 levels deep in any list, and if you Focus that subitem, this issue will occur.

Hello @NeilQ ,

Thanks a lot! This was really useful - the case with focusing was indeed not fixed. It should be working properly now on beta, please check.

All the best and thank you again,

Yes, looks fixed now, thx.