Distraction-free writing mode in "due" view


Is there any reason that the “Distraction-free writing mode” isn’t available in “due” view please?

Thank you.

Hello @Hugues,

Well, the Zen mode was planned for entering the data, and due page is not quite ready for such a role. That’s why we did not provide this mode for the due page.

Could you describe a bit your scenario, why would you want this mode on the due page?



I use a lot the “Due” page, maybe more than “writing” page. Because it’s usually longer to do things than to write them.
And that’s because I stay quite a long time on this page (that can also be used to add notes / update due date and tags / reword the tasks / …) that I expected it to be available on this page.

Thank you.

I likewise spend most of my time on the Due page.

I wish I had quick-entry there.

And I wish I had mm for move list there.

Hello again,

Happy New Year :slight_smile:

I’ve created a bunch of requests to be tracked.

No promises, unfortunately, we have some technical debts to fight in the near future…

All the best,

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Hellow friends,

Zen mode on Due page is now available, please let us know how it works for you: Select a background for Zen mode.

All the best,