Select a background for Zen mode

Hello friends,

We’ve prepared for you several custom background images for the Zen Mode (om shortcut).

Hope you’ll like them. Or at least some of them :slight_smile:

And, now you can use Zen Mode on Due page, too.

Both improvements are available on beta and production, please let us know what you think.

Just in case, to see our backgrounds you may need to remove your own CSS customization for .zenBgImage CSS selector, if you had one.

Till soon,


Hi Maxkir,
this is awesome - thanks a lot.
Hope it will be soon available in the non-beta version…

Actually, they are already on production :slight_smile:, too.

Great! - I found a good option and then got rid of my custom css :blush:

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Hi again - Just a suggestion, but could we have the various menu’s also adapt to the chosen Zen mode theme, if Zen mode is active?

e.g. in this image, the mismatch is visible when the menu has the darcula theme whereas the list has the Zen mode on

LOVING the zen mode!

+1 for more background options

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That’s a good suggestion, we’ll try to improve this in one of future updates. We could offer to select background color, too, or offer to select some accent color to better match the background picture. It is definitely not the last time we’re trying to improve UI :wink:

Yep - maybe one way to look at this could be to create a collection of “Theme Packs”.
So instead of “light” or “dark” modes, the user can choose from one of the various themes in the theme packs. Each theme is then a combination of background color, menu colors etc.

The Zen mode then is basically just a “minimal” variation of the applied theme, where extra menu and UI items get hidden away.

There is an idea to add some “sand” variation of the Checkvist, with more easy-to-eyes colors.

At the same time, we consider background images as an extra variation to the specific theme, i.e. we have several images for light theme and several for the dark one. And yes, allowing to select a background image for non-zen mode would also be useful. Takes time, maybe later.

When we rework Checkvist UI to use color variables in different places, it would be easier to create custom themes and update UI. So we may even organize a theme contest at some point :slight_smile: