Databases (Structured data)

Is there in the roadmap (whether in the short, medium or long term) the implementation of tables or databases (structured data)? Or would this not fit into the overall vision of the product?

I have no idea how difficult this would be to render properly, nor have I thought carefully about the other usability ramifications.

But often, when I’m entering items, I wish I could split an individual item into segments, as with a tab character. And I wish that if two segmented items found themselves immediately adjacent, the tab stops / cells would magically align to fit the text and available space.

The closest behavior to this that I’ve seen in another product is in OneNote.

It’s important to me that though this might look like a table, at any point I could grab a single item=row and drag it anywhere else in the outline, just as before. Or tag it with a priority or due date.

Hello folks,

We don’t have structured tabular data in close plans. A request that is probably closest to what you have in mind is “column support”.

But if you need to simply place tables into Checkvist - this can be done with Markdown syntax for tables which we already support, some old discussion on it here: CSS trick: Displaying tabular data in columns (draggable table rows).

As for truly structured tabular data, with API support, column operations etc. - I’m afraid it is not in the scope of Checkvist.

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