Daily Notes - dates as list items

Hi. just started using (moving from dynalist). is there a way to use a daily note workflow (similar to roam / noteplan et al) where by each parent is todays date?

it seems to me the current date function works as a tag as opposed to a new list item?

such as:

new item
sub item

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Hello and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

I use daily note workflow for work by having a separate “WorkLog” list and creating day-related sub-nodes there.

In Checkvist, you can use Cmd ; keyboard shortcut to insert current date, so you can press Enter to add a new item, Cmd ;, and Enter again.
On Windows, it should be Ctrl ;, if I recall correctly.

Hope this will work for you, please let me know if not :slight_smile:

Oh, and here are some more shortcuts for formatting.


Crucially, the shortcut adds a period after the date. Any non-space character will do to avoid having the date appear at the end of the item. Dates (and words like “today”) at the ends of items are interpreted as due dates.

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Also, all of these Markdown options work to avoid the misinterpretation as a due date:

  • Ctrl i for italic, or asterisk: *09.14.21*
  • Ctrl b for bold, or two asterisks: **09.14.21**
  • Bold and italic: ***09.14.21***
  • Header 1: #09.14.21
  • Header 2: ##09.14.21
  • etc.
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This probably doesn’t answer the question. My approach is to have a calendar with a node for each year. Then months such as Jan, Feb, Mar. Then dates such as 17fr, 18sa, 19su, 20mo. If I only want a short note I will put it in the day’s note line. If I want more detail I will add sub-notes. Occasionally I might break down by the hour but this sort of break-down goes into gCal if I need time blocking.

I am using my calendar like a normal diary to schedule future events. As the day passes, I will press the space bar to mark it as “done”. I usually have “done” events hidden but can switch them back on when needed.

My calendar is close to my GTD next actions. These may be moved into the calendar with control+up or downarrow.

I tag the current month or day with #today. I know this doesn’t quite make sense but allows me to quickly glance at the current period. I also tag my 6 MITs (Most Import Tasks) with #today which make even less sense. But that way #today tells me what I need to do.


@RobertW Thanks a lot for describing your approach!

I use a similar worklog my JetBrains tasks. But instead of #today tasks I rather use true Checkvist due dates, with ‘td’ and ‘tm’ shortcuts. Sometimes this duplicates information, but I’m OK with that.

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