Copy item text without entering edit mode

Is it possible to copy an item’s text without entering edit mode?

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I hope I’m right, but I didn’t find any other way to do it (unless selecting the words with the mouse / copy, but it’s faster to edit / copy).

I’m not aware of something like crtl+c, but you can export (ex).

Probably just in time, please take a look at the coming new RTF export: Export to Rich Text

I’ll certainly use the new RTF export feature to get lists into Google Docs but in this case I’m looking for a quick way to grab the text of a single list item. Not a big deal, I was just hoping there was a way faster than ee + Control+C + Esc.


I totally agree. I am constantly wanting to be able to share a chunk of items with other people over iMessage, Email or Slack. You would think that highlighting a set of items and then CTRL + C or CMD + C would copy the text of the item to your clipboard in a simple text format but no luck :frowning:.

Absolutely LOVE checkvist. This would make it perfect for me.

Speaking of implementation

  1. should subnodes be copied as well or it should depend on whether the node is collapsed?
  2. if multiple selection is used, should the copied nodes be prefixed with ‘-’?
  3. should Markdown styling be processed or original text (from ‘ee’) should be copied?

Good question. I think all subnodes should be copied - that is what a typical user would expect.

I think so, yes.

I vote for original text (raw markdown) because I think most users would benefit from being able to paste that text somewhere else (which might support markdown). Like in a discourse post :wink: or in slack, or on stack overflow, etc.

Depends on if node is collapsed.

Other two questions: I don’t have a strong opinion but both sound like good ideas.

It should depend on whether the node is collapsed.

An option / preference? :slight_smile:

Hi folks,

Thanks for the feedback. You may test how Ctrl+C now works on

When you use Chrome, you may expect RTF copy when you paste into a RTF-capeable editor
Other browsers copy only plain indented text.

Expand/collapse is respected. Second and further levels are prefixed with ‘-’

The implementation is not very polished, if you notice something painful, please let me know.



First few tests of this and I am getting exactly what I had hoped for. Thank you!!! :heart_eyes:

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Nice job! I like that the default action on pressing Enter is to copy to Clipboard.


Thanks, glad it works for you, but ctrl+c needs more improvement. Hope to bring them later :slight_smile:



Could we have Ctrl+C to also work on Notes items, just like it works for the List items?

They still require me to enter edit mode in a note before I am able to copy and escape out.


Hi @saurabhg9,

Yep, this makes sense, thank you. Will add it to the improvements list, but I’m a bit far from this area currently, so no promises.


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Hi Kir,

Just saw the new “Work Faster - quick tips” video on moving stuff into and out of checkvist with clipboard. It reminded me of our earlier discussion around this feature request, i.e. to enable clipboard also for Notes.

Is there a possibility to prioritize this related topic, so that we can “complete the full circle” :slight_smile:


Hi @saurabhg9,

Quite fair, thanks :slight_smile: Please check, it should allow copying notes without entering “edit” mode.

All the best,

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Hi Kir - Just tested and it works perfect!

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Thanks! Updated production with this fix as well :slight_smile: