Bookmarks are hatching


Saved searches and bookmarks have been in the plans for so long, that now we are a bit afraid to announce that the first step is done.

The first step being the ability to save cross-list searches and filters on lists and the Due page.

Now it works this way:

  1. If you have something in the search field, you’ll see the bookmark icon.
  2. Press it - the bookmark window opens. Set the bookmark name, and optionally, a keyboard shortcut.
  3. Use the shortcut anywhere to navigate to the saved search/filter - a separate tab with the search will open.
  4. Also, you can find all bookmarks in the Shift-Shift window, and navigate with Enter

You can try it all now at (log in with your usual credentials).

Tell us what you think - where have we overlooked a bug or a usability problem?

What’s not ready - and what we are working on right now:

  1. Bookmarking a whole list
  2. Bookmarking a list item (will be open in focused state)
  3. Potentially, navigating to the next/previous bookmark using the keyboard.

If you know some great examples (ours being IntelliJ IDEA and VSCode mostly), please screenshoot, comment, and share.

Any other your suggestions are absolutely welcome, just leave a comment under this post.

Have a nice weekend,
KIR & Sasha


When you click on the Lists item in the toolbar, the default selection is “Lists and Locations”. Would it be possible to have a setting so that Bookmarks would be the default selection when you click on the Lists item, instead of “Lists and Locations”?

Hello @NeilQ ,

Thank you for the suggestion! Right now, if you click on the Lists link we indeed always open Lists and locations tab. If you open the same window with Shift+Shift keyboard shortcut, Checkvist should use the last tab you used there.

At the same time, if you use the bk keyboard shortcut, the Bookmarks tab will always open.

What do you think if we will open the last used tab from the window when you open the Lists menu? Would it work better? It is not exactly what you’re asking for, as we won’t force Bookmarks tab there. But it may be better than now.

Thanks again,

Thanks for the reminder about the keystrokes to get directly to the Bookmark list, that’ll be helpful. I also think “last used” on the Lists menu would make sense, at least for me it would.

I think of the Lists link as more akin to the ll shortcut, so I’d vote for it staying the same.

That said, couldn’t the bb shortcut be repurposed for bookmarks?

I believe Ctrl+b is more universal for bolding, and using bb for the bookmarks menu would be more in line with the way ll and aa are used for the other specific parts of the Shift+Shift menu.

Hello @Josh and @NeilQ ,

Thanks for the feedback! We’d like to try both - use ‘bb’ to show bookmarks + remember the last visited tab when clicking on Lists.

This fix is already on the beta site - please check it out, how does it work for you?


I’m liking the bb for bookmarks, but I still think it’s weird for the Lists link to open something other than the Lists menu.

However, a halfway point might be to rename that link to something more general like Menu.

Thanks for the idea. But Menu as an item in the current top level bar sounds a bit weird. We are thinking about re-designing the top level bar more drastically, and probably this rework will include the change of Lists to Menu or something like that.

At the same time the default tab for the “Lists” menu will be Lists and locations, so I hope it won’t bring much confusion. And there is always ll to force locations tab.

Kind regards,