YouTube embedding

Hello friends,

We’ve implemented a small feature, YouTube embedding. Could you please try it out - would it be useful? Just paste a YouTube video link in the list item on, it should suggest embedding it.


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I noticed there’s no embedding offer for youtube links with a timestamp (eg. Not sure about other query params.

have to paste twice to have it show, then it will work any time, as long as I don’t delete all the items in the tree and try to paste again.

Hello folks,

Thanks alot for the follow-up, we should definitely add support for URLs with timestamps. Will do.

@zinoff I’m afraid I cannot reproduce the issue when 2 paste operations are needed. Could you please describe the steps in more detail?


@maxkir I can’t reproduce it either

Hello @crispinb ,

I believe we’ve fixed this issue (on beta). So now, links with parameters should work with “paste” and timestamp should be considered when the video is embedded.

Thank you again for pointing out!

Great @maxkir, that’s working for me. Cheers.

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Is there a way to turn off the popup for this and just have it always use the video link?

Hello @eahartmann ,

I’m afraid there is no way to do that at the moment. Do I understand correctly that you’d like to avoid embedding the video?

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That’s correct - I’ve been watching lectures on YouTube and when I want to add something to my notes, I paste in a link to the video at a particular timestamp as a citation. Since that happens rather frequently I’ve gotten pretty good at the CTRL+V, TAB, ENTER, (or ESC) ENTER dance, but it would be lovely to be able to select a default behavior and have it automatically either embed or link to the video, without needing that extra step.