Will Checkvist team consider use a two or three panel layout?

I like Checkvist very much, it’s fluent.
But I think if it can take notes in a more handy way, that’s will be wonderful.

I find the layout that Quire use fit my require, but at some points, the experience write with Quire list not as good as Checkvist. I still like Checkvist.

Some people had post similar issues before, (e.g. Un-used space on the screen left and right - Questions & Suggestions - Checkvist Friends), I want to known if Checkvist team will consider this. Thanks.

The left side and right side both can close, so there only a pure list, like Checkvist.


Agree. I miss this especially for Notes and File Attachments.


We consider making some changes in layout, like showing notes/attachments list in a nearby panel, but most likely, not in this year.


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I just wrote a similar request here:

You can support this idea by voting for it :wink:



Hello Chris,

Thanks a lot for the detailed request! It makes sense, especially as an option, but as I said before, cannot promise we’ll try this soon.


As a former user of the MLO software, I also used the “note slider” on the right a LOT. Like even instead of Word to write my blog post. It is nice since it stay associated with the correct task ! So I didnt had to jump to much between my windows folder and my task system.

I started to do the same yesterday with checkvist, but then had to move on Word back. I actually like both.

Maybe as an optional way to display the task detail on a right panel.

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As a user with a lot of notes attached to list items, I also miss this feature very badly :frowning:
The notes simply clutter up.

Wondering if this would be possible through a Greasemonkey script and some CSS. Very tempted to hack one out.

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We’d love to make some refresh and rework of UI, there is really some space for improvement. Cannot say anything about estimates, sorry.