^Whenever Option?

Any plans to implement different ^date types? I was thinking of a ^whenever option in addition to ^asap. While ASAP gets placement just after Today in the Due list, Whenever could be at the bottom of the Due list after This Year. You could also use ^someday to keep in mind goals or trips that need planning. I like the idea of using ^whenever to show movies or rewards for accomplishing tasks higher up the list.

Hello, thanks for the idea!

It was suggested some time ago, but so far I don’t see strong support for it.

Maybe this will change now - will see :slight_smile:

Thanks again,

Interesting. I have a tag for that but didn’t consider it a date (type).

Thanks, Kir. I searched on the discussion forum for a similar feature, but didn’t realize there was a separate feature voting forum. Just upvoted it there. Thanks!