Web clipper for Edge?

Do you have plans to add extension for Microsoft Edge? I find the web clipper quite useful and it works in some Chromium based browsers like Brave but I was surprised that Edge does not offer it. I am juggling multiple browsers and using Edge for some features as well (ie. install page as app) but I often get stuck on missing checkvist button when I get to some page I want to save for later.

I haven’t dug deeper into it, not sure if there are some differences in implementation, store rules/processes etc., so no idea how much work it is to get it in Edge.

Microsoft Edge allows you to install extensions from the Chrome web store. So there’s no need for an Edge-specific extension. If you navigate to the store using Chrome, you should see this info bar:

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Nice, I did not know about this option. Thanks.

Just in case, just published: Microsoft Edge Addons