Wanting to get rid of duplicates

Over the years I’ve jumped to Dynalist, Workflowy, and back here, several times. Now I have a lot of duplicated (I am talking copy/pasted or imported, not linked) content, buried under different paths. I stumble upon duplicates randomply when I do a search. Is there a way to identify all duplicated content so I could clean it up? Ideally I would love to be able to identify contiguous duplicated multi-line fragments, not just single items.


That would be a smart feature, but not simple to implement, though. But I’m afraid I don’t have a solution or even a workaround for this, sorry :frowning:


No worries, I ended up doing it the hard way, manually, once I got a feel of what’s where. If I jump ship next time, I’ll just wipe the old content clean and import the curent outliner content. I’m tired of waiting on Workflowy to implement Markdown though. Currently on Checkvist and enjoying it.

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