Using tags to activate/deactivate CSS customizations on whole lists

Hi @maxkir,

As explained in it is possible to style all list items nested under a certain tag. However, it seems that this is only true if the tag is applied to a list item, but not if the tag is applied to an entire list by tagging the list title.

I think it would be useful if entire lists could be customized by simply adding or removing a certain tag. I know that I can customize an entire list by using the #list_nnnnnn selector. However, this does not allow me to quickly activate/deactivate a customization on one or more full lists.

To my understanding, the current limitation is due to the fact that the list title is part of the tool bar, but not of the tasks block containing the list entries. Therefore I suggest that when a tag is applied to the list title, the .tag_tagname class is also added to one of the parent elements of all list entries (for example to #list_nnnnnn, #tasks_block or ul.topLevel). The style of the list entries can then depend on whether this element has the class or not.

What do you think?

Best regards,


Hi @soremo,

Thanks a lot for the suggestion, we’ll definitely try to implement it with the next update.