Using Checkvist for Goal Tracking

Hello Friends,

For those using Checklist for Project Management or personal goals, how are you handling weekly goals. The challenge I am facing is that I can only set a task with due_date as either today or this week etc. This works fine at task level, which is like “something to be done today or ASAP” - sort of things. However, I would like to be reminded of what I need to finish by end of this week (like a small goal picture ) so the projects I am on are on track even though I miss working on them for a day or two.

Would love to hear how others are handling such scenario.

One way to handle this is to set the task’s due date for the day you want to start and make it repeat daily until your completion date (or indefinitely until you achieve the goal).

When you’re done working on that task for the day, mark it complete and it will show up again the next day.

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Hi Amit,

I also have tasks, often inside projects, that I want to shoot for having done “this week”. For those, I simply use a tag (#week), and one of the things I do in my “morning routine” is to review this tag, to tentatively plan for the day doing some work on one of those tasks.


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Thanks Paul. This is a small way to track tasks - like let it re-appear till its done. Just wondering why it didn’t stuck me earlier. I would give this a try.

Thanks Alex. I had this in mind but the thought of having to manage another tag was a bit overwhelming. Nevertheless, I would give this a try as well in addition to Paul’s suggestion above. Quite sure, one of these will definitely stick in.

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The Due page already has a grouping for This Week, so if you set the due date for this weeks goals to be the Friday, wouldn’t you already have a place to peek to see what you needed to be working on?

I guess that doesn’t distinguish between tasks due on Wednesday and tasks you ought to pay attention to on Wednesday so that their done by Friday.

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I do think this is still one of the few things missing from Checkvist’s scheduling facilities. There is a distinction to be made in many domains between when something is due, and when it should grab a user’s attention.

I’ve used a variety of schemes to model this. The one which has stuck best has been to use a ‘start’ (or similarly named) subtask for which I set a due date. But it requires a certain discipline that a built in facility wouldn’t.

As for what exactly would work best, I’m not sure. Perhaps an additional ‘start’ date. Or maybe multiple colour-coded or annotated dates could be added to an item. Or perhaps it could be possible to associate a task with a date range (conceptualised as start → end).

Hello friends,

Thanks for your insights. We have a request to implement “Start date” for a couple years already (thank you, Crispin), but implementing it is not an easy task and at the same time will move Checkvist deeper into task management/project management category.

The next thing which is implied by start date would be gannt charts :slight_smile: So far, we are reluctant to move into this direction. Especially given that there is a workaround with a “start working on this!” subtask.

Thanks again,

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Well that goes back a bit. I hadn’t remembered making that request. Sorry for being such a broken record!

Fair enough. One of the things that has kept me with Checkvist is that it is generalist enough to be readily adapted for many purposes, and I wouldn’t want it to lose that essential character.