URGENT: Keyboard shortcuts cause loss of data

One of the most annoying things with checkvist is the following issue

  • Sometimes I am on the checkvist page and I inadvertently press “spacebar” and keep it pressed. This happens either because I thought i was on some other window or sometimes by mistake
  • I have turned the setting “hide completed items” on
  • The above action results in marking a bunch of tasks as done (sometimes as many as 5-8)
  • Now at this stage undo does not work - it either only undoes the last one or not even that
  • I dont know which items I ended up marking as completed because this is a long running todo list

Basically everything I did is lost

I desperately need a proper functioning undo log which enables me to undo the last x actions in order no matter what they were

Hi @Bhavin_Turakhia,

Sorry for the problem. Now, keeping the space pressed won’t close multiple tasks at once (force-refresh the page before trying that).

Multi-step undo is a more complex fix, please vote/watch: https://checkvist.uservoice.com/forums/2121-checkvist-web/suggestions/116119-multiple-undo-s

Thanks for writing us about this,

Thanks. will check. Appreciate the rapid response

Hello Bhavin,

From my understanding this doesn’t seems to be a “Checkvist” bug. I also use MLO and the Space bar also mark task as done.

I never had this issue on multiple task. Eventually on 1 task. but when I keep the space bar pressed it doesn’t complete more than 1 task.

@Thomas_Girard The problem was there only if “hide completed” mode is on. In this case, keeping space pressed could complete a bunch of tasks in a row, including tasks with subtasks. So it was indeed a serious issue.