Uploading new logo

Hi All!
Aren’t we lucky to have Checkvist
Just trying to upload a new logo – around 12k png. For some reason it doesn’t seem to stick (Upload seems OK) . Has anyone experienced this

Hello Mike!

Welcome to our forum :slight_smile:

Could you please check 2 things:

  • You are not using Dark scheme when uploading logo
  • After the logo upload, you press Save all button at the bottom of the page

If the problem persists, please let me know, I might need to take a look into your account. But I hope it is not that bad.

All the best,

Hi Kir!
Thanks so much for your response. Hope you and your family are enjoying!
Just discovered a solution - reset all customizations and that did the trick. Good to know the precise solution. The Dark theme is great

Thanks again

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