Total duration of sub-items on "Due tasks view"



Maybe I just can’t find it. But is there an option to see total duration for all sub-items when looking at “Due tasks” view with grouping by a list? If no, for now, it would be great to have such option.

Thanks in advance

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Hi Pavel!

Thanks for the idea, we don’t show any progress currently on the due page.

Where would you expect to see such duration and for which work scenario? Each due task may have its own subtasks, and as you said, tasks could be grouped by list. Moreover, closed due tasks are not shown on the due page at all.




I’m using due date view with group by list option triggered. My use case is pretty simple - to see near the name of the list the total amount of hours for all explicitly tagged items in that list for current period (see picture below)

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The idea looks interesting.

The question is why do you want to see this total amount of hours. To avoid work overload for this particular day? Then you probably want to see this number not for the list, but for the whole “Tomorrow” category. Am I right?



Yeah, you are right. Main idea is to avoid overload. Also I’m a freelancer and it is important for me to balance my workload between customers, so both ways of getting total hours would be great for me.

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I’ve added this request to Uservoice: , but cannot promise we’ll implement it soon.