Tipp and Trick with Outlook?

Hello !

Do some of you know a solution to easily add an e-mail from Outlook (Desktop) to Checkvist, while still having the possibility to “re-open” the outlook from the Checkvist List item ?

I can drop a outlook e-mail into Checkvist, and the e-mail is attached as an attachment. But in order to re-open the e-mail I should first download it back to my desktop, and open it. For some very important e-mail it could be useful. But adding only a direct “local” link to the e-mail within windows would be great.

Do you know a way to do it ?

For example : I used to use a Desktop app “My life Organized” MLO, which support this function. (It adds a local link to the outlook e-mail within the Task note)

The address link look like this :


Is there a way to get this link by ourselves within outlook and to add it in Chevkvist as a task ?

The Forward e-mail as Task Option is great, but we don’t get the link to the Original e-mail (for quick response), and also, it “pollute” a little bit the e-mail send box with plenty of “task e-mail” which makes it difficult to search for e-mail later on.

Any other suggestions would be appreciated, thanks !

Hi Thomas,

Unfortunately it is technically hardly feasible to implement opening of outloook desktop app from the web, due to security restrictions. Sorry, cannot help with that :frowning: With MLO it works because it is a Desktop app, not a web one.

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Hello Maxkir, ok thanks ! I think it is ok. I will try to access my company Outlook e-mail via an internet browser. Then I should be able to use the Checkvist Chrome addon.

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The crucial matter is if outlook provides unique URL to the mail in their web browser. It’s been a while since I checked, but previously I only found Gmail to do this.

(I also use MLO and for that, I used Zapier to forward the mails from Gmail with the URL included. Zapiers interface with Gmail can pick it out. Same technique works for CV or other tools, of course).
If outlook has also started providing URLs, I am surely interested to know about it. Or if anyone knows of any other email service that does this.

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Hello Don,

Good Idea to use Zappier, 100 free Zap/month should be enough to cover my needs.

If you use the Desktop version of Outlook, you could drag and drop an E-mail item directly within MLO. Then you get a Task with note AND with hyperlink to directly open the e-mail. This is very powerfull.

This is one of the benefit to have a software instead of a Web-based solution. (But also have other disadvantages… need updates, should be re-installed on each new machine).

I may write a other post in order to share my experience on using MLO during 8 Years, and wy I’m trying to move to Checkvist. MLO offers almost all possible features.

Some of theme are really crazy usefull.

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