Tip: How to install a Checkvist Desktop App on Mac or Windows

If folks are looking for a native desktop app for Checkvist for Mac OSX or Windows, here’s a tip I’ve found that works exceptionally well.

Install Nativefier

Run this command:

nativefier --name “Checkvist” https://checkvist.com/

Nativefier will generate a wrapper app (.app on Mac, .exe on Windows) around the Checkvist website. You can add this app to your task bar. The app icon is clearly visible when using ⌘-tab or alt-tab to switch apps. You’ll save time by not having to locate Checkvist among all your open browser tabs.

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Thanks a lot for describing this approach!

We’re aware that some customers use nativifier and some use Fluid way to create a dedicated Checkvist app, but we don’t provide the solution out of the box, yet.

There is a separate request in our uservoice forum where people ask for the dedicated Checkvist desktop app, not solved yet. I’ll add a link to this ticket to your post :slight_smile:

Thanks again,

Thanks for the hint (I am using “Hermit” on my mobile for this kind of “Apps”).
Now I can start and switch to CheckVist (and other Websites) more easily :slight_smile:

One question:
Was nativefier able to retrieve the CheckVist Icon? It failed when I nativefied CheckVist and I only got a generic icon.


Yes, nativefier was able to retrieve the Checkvist icon for me. I tested this on 3 different mac laptops.

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