Time tracking by tag

Hi, I’ve been using Checkvist for project management for about a year and I love it. It’s the perfect combination of powerful and simple.

I’ve been using it for time tracking for the past 3 months by adding actual times to tasks as tags (#15m, #1h, etc.). I’m wondering if there is a way to summarize time when I search by tag. For example, when I search #project and #topic, I can show all tasks that meet that criteria. I can also see the associated time tags.

Is there any way to summarize the time across multiple tags? Similar to what it already does for nested items? I tried copying the item’s permalinks to a separate section, and that kinda works, but it requires manual effort.

Thanks in advance!


Hello Brett,

Sorry for delay with the answer. Unfortunately Checkvist cannot recalculate progress counter when you filter the list. I.e. it always considers all nested items.

As you correctly noted, if you create a separate section with links to the time-tagged items, such a section will allow to calculate summary across the links.

What may help is that if you filter a list by #some_tag and press ctrl+A, Checkvist will select all items which match the filter. If you press lc then, you can copy links to all the selected items, and after that you can paste the links into the separate section with progress counter.
This should reduce manual effort for creating such a section, would it work for you?

Kind regards,


Thank you! I forgot about the CTRL+A option to select all. Since this is a niche use case, and I don’t need to do it frequently, this works for me. Thanks again for a great product.


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