Time logging -- Advice and Suggestions from Checkvisters:

Hi There, I’m less good at “turning on a timer” and shutting off when I move to a new task. I’m better at logging a batch of things, every few hours.

That said, my goal is to:

  • log what I do each day, in Checkvist, with dates and hours and tags, for example
  • Jan 22, 2024. 10am - 11:30am draft posts #socialmedia
  • Jan 23, 2024. 4-5pm update emails #newproject


  • turn that log (list of items) into a calendar list for Google Calendar

How are others doing this? I read a few posts and see recommendations for another app(s) for logging time, but I prefer to do it all with typing only, as now I am used to Checkvist. I have calendars in Outlook set up, and would like to match the tag I use #exercise, #newproject, #scholarlyreading to go into the correct calendar in either calendar or google. Or just have the right color, for example #exercise is purple #scholarlyreading is green, etc.

Thanks for any suggestions.

Hello @nutellacrepe ,

I’m afraid the scenario you described is not a very good fit for Checkvist. But there are a couple of features you may want to know about, which may help you.

  1. Progress counter and time-based tags. You can tag items with tags like #4h and sum them on the parent node. Please see this blog post for the details: Progress tracking & time estimation - Checkvist

  2. A hidden undocumented feature - it is possible to specify start time of a task when it is exported to Google Calendar via synchronization. Item like “Buy milk at 10:00 ^tomorrow” will be exported to the Google Calendar for the next day with start time 10:00 and with duration 1hour. Not sure how helpful it is, but still.

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hi Kir,

Thanks for the two suggestions. The GCal sync works great. I am trying to somehow track/log in Obsidian and make it easy to record in GCal and Checkvist – I use Checkvist for timesheets, GCal to see my appointments, and Obsidian for writing/drafting/notetaking. It’s a bit many moving parts. I can customize how Obsidian parses my text-based logs, so I will experiment with Checkvist’s preferred notation. Thanks!


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Hi Amy,

I keep my calenday in CheckVist within hierarchical list items, namely,
Yearly >
Monthly >
Daily list items.
Not very different from how you wrote the two examples. As events pass, or time is spent, I hide the entries. After the month I hide the month. This enables me to just see up-coming things. I can show hidden items when I want to look back (which is not so often).

If necessary, you could link calendar items to project items in other parts of your lists. I believe that from the project you could see the related calendar items. I have to admit that I have not tried this, so no promises.


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Thanks Robert! Some good “nutritious” food for thought! :smiley: I’ll see if I can get the Project to show the calendar items.

Take a look at

I haven’t used it, but it might work.

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