The recurring tasks are not functioning properly


In Checkvist, the automated repetition is not functioning properly on the beta website. The software error is as follows: it does not display the recurring event on the Due Now page in Checkvist. The recurring event is set to repeat daily. Even after the completion of the daily event, Checkvist does not show it as a new task the next morning (all settings are configured correctly, and everything has been tested and is functional). The issue is that the software only displays the event for the next day on the Due Now page. Therefore, the daily recurrence is marked as completed on the current day, but Checkvist should show it for tomorrow. However, the software only displays the event for the day after tomorrow on the Due Now page. I cannot capture a screenshot of this. I also cannot record a video of this error because it is not reproducible. I have been observing this error for a week, and today I am certain that it persists because the error recurred. Unfortunately, I cannot provide further assistance with this issue as I am unable to reproduce the error manually.

Hi @christianhodek ,

Currently, the UI for repeating due tasks on the beta site is a bit misleading. I mean that it does not work as expected yet, because we haven’t fully updated the whole Checkvist to support this UI version.

I.e. the behaviour on when and how repeating tasks are re-opened matches the old UI version, from the main production site.

We’re going to update the production site with the latest changes later, within a week. And I hope after that, it will work more correctly.

Also, please note, that “Due” page shows only opened tasks with a due date. I.e. if you close a daily task today, it won’t show as “tomorrows” task until it is re-opened. And re-opening will happen either within an hour after closing, or on the next day, depending on the repeating due settings (and this logic will work only after the production server update).

Kind regards,


I’m so happy. Thanks for the new UI, dear KIR.


Same bug on NONE beta site. Checkvist didn’t show me repeating task on due date page.