Thank you for the updated icon in support of Ukraine

Thank you for the updated icon in support of Ukraine.


Sorry for all this nightmare :people_hugging:


I have friends in both countries. All great people. Having said that, please keep politics out of this great software. If i continue to see this political or some new social justice icon other than your great checkvist icon, you will lose me as a customer. I now see this icon each time i open my browser. At this point, this icon represent propaganda, not Ukraine. I know, no big deal, but consider that not all your customers share your ideology … all we have in common as Checkvist customers/users is that we like your software. That’s our common ground, not politics.

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Dear Carrabino,

Thanks for your kind words to our product.

But if this small sign of support hurts you, I’m afraid you need to find some alternative tool. We believe these days we have to truly choose the side. And we did.

That’s our ground.

Kind regards,


realize that you have Russian (or people that have affiliation with Russia) users/customers too. We/they have nothing to do with what is going on. As i said, i have friends in both countries. Situation sucks, but “choosing a side” is not really helping. I understand/respect your choice, just offering perspective.

A key difference is to realize that saying that Russia is doing wrong by attacking another souvereign country, does not mean that all Russians are doing wrong or bad people. I don’t see anyone discriminating ordinary Russian Checkvist users here.

Also checkvist is not even saying anything about the Russian country. They just tell us they support Ukraine, which has a humane crisis going on, and the reader can decide what they think the reasons are. So you there is a slight, but very important difference between stating a support for a country being under attack and stating something about the attacker.

P.S. @maxkir You have the flag colours upside down by the way. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the comment and for noticing the flag issue, will fix :slight_smile:

Finally corrected, thanks again :slight_smile:


Unless I am mistaken it also seems to need correcting on Twitter.