Tags with only digits in their name have some issues

Just noticed that if a tag only has digits in its name, like #101, this tag cannot be merged/renamed & it cannot be used to group lists either

Hello Josh,

I’m afraid tags consisting of digits only are not supported. It is a mistake that you were able to add such a tag, sorry for that. How did you add such a tag?


I can create & add such tags using the tt shortcut on tasks, and on lists I can do the same by selecting them from the main page & clicking on the Tag button

Hi @Josh,

May I ask you to try you scenario at https://beta.checkvist.com? We’ve made Checkvist more tolerant to tags consisting of numbers.



I can now merge/rename such tags & also group lists tagged with them.

They do still need to be added through the tt shortcut or Tag button (so I can’t simply type them in the task/list names to have them be automatically recognized) but that’s the way I was adding them anyway.

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