Tag or mention a team member in a note?

Is there a way to tag a team member on a note in Checkvist? I can @“teammembername” on a line to make sure they see it, but I don’t see where I can do that on a note that is added to a line.

Hi, if you tag a team member on a list item, all notes created under this list item will be sent to this person. Not quite what you’re asking for, but may work as a workaround.


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Commenting for the sake of including the word “mention” in the thread - I first searched with that word and failed to find this topic.

I’m considering Checkvist as something to replace Dropbox Paper’s checkbox feature, which my team currently uses for fine-grained todo management. I’ve been a happy solo user of Checkvist for years and haven’t looked at it as a collaboration tool; now that I am, it seems to tick most of the boxes (ability to comment, ability to notify changes), aside from the ability to ping a specific member in a note.

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Hi @ento,

Thanks for mentioning (no pun intended :wink: . I’ve added the ‘mention’ word into the title of this topic, just in case.

The semantics for @mention in Checkvist is ‘assignee’, i.e. you can mark tasks with assignees for them to get notified. In notes, @mentioning is a different thing.

I’ve created an issue in our uservoice tracker about it, please vote.


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