Sync time estimation with google calendar

Hi, is there a way to sync time estimation (tags like “#2h”) of list items with google calendar, so that the synced checkvist calendar would display calendar items with assigned durations?

Hello Sergej,

Right now there is no way to sync time estimation expressed in tags. It is a really good idea, we may implement it the next time when we do calendar-related enhancements.

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Thanks for considering it. I‘ll be looking forward to it. The way i imagine it to work is pulling up the calendar with my due items in the morning and arrange the synced blocks in my calendar to organize my week. This would make a lot of productivity apps obsolete, imo. Additionally, with two-way sync (which blew my mind btw, cause i didn‘t know), i could visually assign duration in the calendar instead of typing tags. Or vice-versa.
Cheers, Sergej

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