Suggestion: Support Daily Repeating Tasks

I’d like to use Checkvist for a daily repeating task. The problem is that repeating tasks reopen themselves within an hour, and the smallest allowed time for when to reopen the task is 1 day. I’d like to see zero days as an option. That way, I can mark something as complete and not see it until the next day. I’d expect a task set to reopen 0 days before it’s due to reopen around midnight, or if I’m going to get greedy, at a specific or user-defined time.

Hello Adam,

I’m sorry for the delayed answer. Do I understand correctly that the main issue is that you don’t want to see your daily repeating task until the next day comes?
Also, do you use “hide completed” mode for the tasks?

Thank you,

Yes, you understand correctly. I do use hide completed.

Thanks, got it. I’ll see what can be done, but I don’t promise a quick fix.