Suggestion for checkvist

I find the commands “ea” and “ei” very useful

I would love to have an additional command, “es”. This command would:

  • Display a popup window with a textfield
  • In this window, you would enter one or more characters and hit the “enter” key
  • The cursor would then move to the beginning of the first occurrence of those characters

We could add an “ee” command to place the cursor after the first occurrence of the character(s) entered in the pop-up window.

Please let me know what you think about this.

This is a workaround, it might be specific to the browser, YMMV:

  • ee or F2
    • the content to be searched has to be selected, so no ea or ei
  • Ctrl + F to invoke the browser’s “Find in Page”
  • type the search term in the search textarea
    • the match will be highlighted as you type
  • hit Esc
    • the focus will be back on the item, with the cursor at the beginning of the match.
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Smart. I hadn’t thought of this. It works in Google Chrome. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work in Unite, which is the software I’m using to create a desktop application of the website on my mac.

Hmm, it works for me in Safari, too. It’s interesting what does Unite use to generate their apps.