Sticky unselect with filter

The “esc” shortcut key is currently shared for clearing filter as well as for clearing sticky selections.
This creates a problem when I try to remove my sticky selections on a filtered page, resulting in that I lose both, the filter as well as the sticky selection.

Ideally when Esc is pressed it should first check if a sticky select is present, then remove those stickies and return. If no sticky selects are present, then it should un-filter the page.

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Hello @saurabhg9 ,

Thanks for the suggestion, quite makes sense. I’ve improved the code for Escape processing a bit, and the fix will be on within several minutes. Hope it will work better for you now :slight_smile:

Best and thanks again,

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Hello @maxkir - I see that this works, but I would prefer that it works in the right hierarchy order.

As is normally the case, one first sets a filter and then sticky selects the items. I would expect that when one presses on esc, then it first loses the sticky selects and then loses the filter. instead of vice-versa i.e. first losing the filter and then the sticky selects.

Hope this makes sense.

Hello @saurabhg9,

Hmm, it should work on beta the way you’re describing.

It is not on production yet, sorry, hope to put it there this weekend.