Sorting with newest at bottom, oldest on top

The sort function by time created seems to be one way only. Newest on top. Is there a plan to have sorting available both ways? Oldest on top, newest at bottom? The same for sort by created date function also.



Thanks for the suggestion and sorry for the delay with the answer.

We can implement the reverse sorting, but the question is how to trigger such reverse sorting in UI.

What would be the most clear way to do it, from your perspective?


I wish to see this too, and my humble suggestion would be something as follows:


Even better if, after using the up/down arrows to select the time created/update options, you could also use the left/right arrows to select these new ascending/descending options.

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Since there already are two options in the dialog (scope and levels), the sort order might fit as a third.

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Thanks @Josh , @Ralf for your comments, we’ll see what we can do here. Don’t promise a speedy fix, though, but will bump the priority. Maybe in a week or two.


Hello friends,

We’ve added reverse sorting on beta, check it out: New on Beta: navigate anywhere from the Shift-Shift window; reverse sorting - #3 by maxkir

Hope it helps,

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