Slow Checkvist Operation

I recently transitioned to Checkvist from Workflowy. I imported the Workflowy file in OPML format with about 3,700 items. Now my Checkvist is slow as molasses and is not a good experience. Is there a step or something else I missed in my import? Is this normal behavior for the Checkvist browser app?

Hello Jarius!

I’m afraid at the moment Checkvist is not as fast as Workflowy on larger lists. At the same time, in Workflowy you have to use a single list, and in Checkvist you can use multiple ones, and you can use tags to organize your lists.

There is a feature to extract a child list using ‘xx’ keyboard shortcut, which might be useful.

Talking about performance, we plan to improve it this year, but closer to the second half of it.

All the best,