Site frozen after large number of checkvist links

Hello Checkvist dev friends :slight_smile:

So I’ve been using lots of links between checklists for the purposes of a daily agenda. It works incredibly well in general, but I seem to have run into a hard limit…

Once you have a very large number of unique checklist-links in a checklist, the entire page will freeze and it will never recover. If you open DevTools while this is occurring, you’ll see “net::ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED” occurring repeatedly after a very large query string filled with checklist IDs is requested.

I’m guessing the query string is overflowing the HTTP max length or something similar. Either that or the server side is reaching a limit. Note that this doesn’t happen if your links are all buried and you slowly crawl through the list to cause them to be loaded. So it definitely seems to be a chunking issue of some kind.

Hello @Aaron_Robinson ,

Sorry for the problem. Looks like you’ve faced an unordinary issue, and I like our links are so useful that you’ve created so many of them.

May I ask your permission to take a look at the data in your account? So I better understand what’s going on. And if yes, what is the list ID where the problem is present?

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Here’s a public link which reproduces the issue with 1 click:

Test List 1 (contains 2000 tasks):

Test List 2 (contains links to all 2000 tasks) ← this freezes the site


Thanks for the well-prepared demo stand :slight_smile:

Could you please check how it now works for you on I believe I’ve fixed the hang (but I’m not quite satisfied with the performance yet).

Kind regards,

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Nice! It works!

It loaded pretty fast. Fortunately it’s pretty rare to have that many links all opened at the same time anyway. Crazy I’ve been using checkvist for this long and this was the first “bug” I ever came across.


I’ve applied a link-related performance fix, the page should load ~10-15% faster when there are many items and links.

The fix is on, will update the production site later.

All the best and have a nice weekend :slight_smile:

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