Simplified linking and link preview, your feedback is needed 💪

It does work for multiple words, too:

Actually, this is by design. We wanted to make sure the search works with the specified order of words, to put more relevant results to the top. Do you think this is not convenient?


It does work for multiple words, too:

For me, it does not search multiple words across the lists. My search works well in a list but does not work in global search. It may be my list does not written in English?

Actually, this is by design. We wanted to make sure the search works with the specified order of words, to put more relevant results to the top. Do you think this is not convenient?

As your reply, a user have to know the order of words but Importance of a word can be changed by time. Also a word can have a different relevant position when a user writes it or searches it.

Hello @jy_hyun ,

Sorry for the delay with the answer. We’ve removed the limit for the order of the words when searching for a link in [[]], and the items with the specified order should appear higher in the search results. The fix is available on beta.

As for the non-working search for the multiple words, the issue with English/non-English character could be the case. Could you please describe which items could not be found out with which search phrase, so I could reproduce it locally?

Thank you!

Current [[]] works well for multiple words across the list. Thanks ^^.

But global search does not work for english too.
It looks like that global search works only for continuous multiple words.
Search engine of [[]] is much better than global search engine.

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That’s true. For [[]] we’ve implemented another search approach which does not have such a problem.
Please vote for bug: universal search doesn't look inside words! – Checkvist issues, bugs, features , hope we’ll implement it this year.


Hello folks,

Thanks everyone for the feedback, we’ve released this part of linking.

Really appreciate your help,

Can you please also add the names of items to the links to items (inside [] brackets), i.e. to recreate the same functionality that is now in place for lists?

Hello @jondoran,

Thanks for the suggestion. I’m not sure this should be a default behavior, as list items are usually more lengthy and duplicating content could be superfluous. Probably, it should be an option.

What do you think?


@maxkir I see that the default behaviour for list items is to create a link in the form , which then displays as either the <name of the list item (for items with short names) or <First ~75 characters>... for lengthy items.

This is very usable, however my concern is that if I want to export a list containing these links as Markdown, all I see is [](/cvt/12345678). This is useless to me outside of Checkvist as there is no way to tell what item 12345678 is without a title. Data portability is important to me!

So for my use case either of these two options would be terrific:

  • a) having an option to change the default behaviour for links to list items per suggestion above OR
  • b) having an option to include names of items in links when exporting Markdown

@jondoran Oops, that’s a bug. Markdown export should have worked, but I did not test it properly. Should be fixed now, could you please check it on

Hope this helps,

Yes, it’s fixed! This is perfect, thanks.

A couple of unexpected behaviours I have noticed using links to list items in beta:

  • If I create a link to a list item that itself is a link to another list item, and do not enter a name in the brackets, it shows a link icon but no title and there is no preview on hover
  • If i click on a link to a list item within the same list, the page scrolls to that item… but if I then press the browser back button, instead of being returned to link I clicked, I am taken to the previous web page

Love this feature! There might be a bug with the mobile (Android) version. I am getting a 404 error when I try to click a link of the form: JL00-mem which displays as “JL00-mem” with an underline. It works fine on desktop browser (I’m using Chrome). On the Chrome there is a grey Checkvist logo to the left. On the mobile, it shows underline, but no logo to the left of the link.

Hello @James_Lyke ,

The mobile version did not support the links, but it should already, I’ve just deployed the version which correctly renders the links and allows clicking on them. You should update the app, when requested, and make sure your lists are synchronized with the main server (on the index page).

Please let me know if it works for you!

Hello @jondoran ,

Thanks a lot for the comments! Looks like the first one is a bug, will investigate.

Talking about second, currently in-list navigation should work with g → and g ← shortcuts. Not sure we should implement “back” for this case. At the same time, given that this is an explicit click, it sounds quite reasonable to implement. Will think about it.

Thanks again!

It does work! Thank you /jim

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Oh, I wasn’t aware of those keyboard shortcuts! Very useful - thanks.

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I think I’ve fixed it, on Could you please check how it works for you?


Yes, seems like it is fixed!

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I think this is a bug:

  • create a link using the [[]] syntax, without adding any text
  • use mh to make it a heading
  • puts the # in the wrong place eg: []### (/cvt/nnnnnnnnn)
  • seems to be OK if you add text elsewhere (either before the markdown link, or as link text in the [])