Simplified linking and link preview, your feedback is needed 💪

Hello friends,

Just wanted to show current work in progress which we’re going to release soon.

There are 2 major improvements we’re going to make in the linking support:

  1. New approach for adding cross-item links
    Previously, when you wanted to insert a link to another list item, you had to navigate to the item, press lc for “link copy”, go back to the place where you want to insert a link, start editing the item in the place where the link should be inserted, and press Ctrl+V.
    Now, type [[ and select a list item from any of your lists. You can insert links to lists or to specific list items, search them by text or by #tags. The inserted link syntax uses Markdown format.
    The [[ syntax supersedes the lst: shortcut we had for inserting links to lists.

  2. List item link preview
    For the links to other list items, mouse-over on the link shows the preview of the target list item, with their children. Keyboard navigation is not there yet, but planned.

There are also some other fixes/bugfixes on the beta.

Tell us what you think - before we released it :slight_smile:



Argh … It’s as if you know I’ve been playing the last few months with that combines Outline, Wiki and Markdown.
Mmm … I’ll be playing wtih CV new [[ link to list items on beta soon. :wink:

Awesome, now I can use Checkvist to build a Zettelkasten! :smile:

Okay I’ve just built a list called Checkvist vs Logseq on Beta Checkvist. My immediate comments below …

  1. “[[” or double-square-brackets links work great but it’s missing a key feature. When you press [[ CV pops up a list of your recent lists. When you select the list it’ll show the code [](/checklists/802977) or similar. The blank [] is not a valid markdown, render to nothing. Even though Beta CV will render that code with the name of that list 802977. I think CV should instead generate the code including the name of that list such as [Letsdig18](/checklists/802977). Then user can edit that display if he wants or live as is.

  2. Markdown code markup should escape/disable any code within it so [](/checklists/802977) should display as that here. Beta CV currently shows as <span class='listLink'><i class='listLink__icon'></i><a href='/checklists/802977' class='listLink__link'>Letsdig18</a></span> … wah
    Edit: Seems CV is okay with []() but goes “berserk” when /checklists/802977 is in that ()

  3. Linking to list while putting a name in like [LD8](/checklists/802977) disguised the fact that list is “LD18” or “Letsdig18”. When hovering on the link it does not show the URL but without any indication of actual list name. Perhaps on hover it should show the full name of the list.

  4. Linking to list item like [](/cvt/49114226) will give a link to item that when you hover it gives a breadcrumb trail to the item and shows item nice. However, it seems it take sometimes for CV to show calculate/generate the breadcrumb. It may only show up after some times.

  5. If you started typing something like [[Bealy Good Day]] and exit edit mode, CV will render it as just text with no links at all. Markdown and Wiki users would expect a link to a page/list by that name.

  6. If you then re-edit that list item [[Bealy Good Day]] it will select the whole text and shows nothing, until you click in between the [[]] it will show the selection of Lists and Items that match that. This only works in edit mode. Shouldn’t this also work in non-edit mode?

More later …
Edit2: Added items 3 to 6. That’s all from me tonight. :wink:


thanks, will check it out.

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These are wonderful. The linking ability had already transformed my workflow in a good way, and these additions make it even more useful. They work with remarkable speed as well, even on my low-end Chromebook. The ability to preview the links is magical, I don’t know how you do it

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Agree in case of a link to a list, the name of the list would be the best default content for the []. It’s a bit trickier to generalise for an item link. In either case I think after link insertion, the cursor should be left within the []

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Hello folks,

Thanks a lot for your feedback!

  • we’ll add names of the lists to the links to lists (inside [] brackets), and we’ll add the tooltip with the full list name
  • we’ll set selection after the link insertion inside the brackets
  • such links inside the <code> blocks is a nasty bug. Not that easy to fix, but hope we’ll manage.
  • So far, adding links will work only for edit mode, and probably we won’t convert links based on text only yet

Thanks a lot, we’ll update this thread later this week when the fixes are in-place!


If I press [[ , it shows list and I can’t drill down in other list.
Can you add drill down function?

I just found that [[ ]] can find multiple words in other lists but global search can not search multiple words from them.
Global multiple words search function is what the Checkvist must have…
Will you add global search for multiple words from next version?

Checkvist allows searching whole words across all lists. If you type the words in the search field and press Enter twice, it should open global search page with the global search results. Would it work for you?


This part has been already fixed and deployed to beta.

Currently global search works only for single word. But in [[]], it works for multiple words but not perfect.
If I search ‘AAA’ ‘CCC’ in [[]], it searches an item with ‘AAA BBB CCC’ . Bui It does not search "CCC BBB AAA’,

It does work for multiple words, too:

Actually, this is by design. We wanted to make sure the search works with the specified order of words, to put more relevant results to the top. Do you think this is not convenient?


It does work for multiple words, too:

For me, it does not search multiple words across the lists. My search works well in a list but does not work in global search. It may be my list does not written in English?

Actually, this is by design. We wanted to make sure the search works with the specified order of words, to put more relevant results to the top. Do you think this is not convenient?

As your reply, a user have to know the order of words but Importance of a word can be changed by time. Also a word can have a different relevant position when a user writes it or searches it.

Hello @jy_hyun ,

Sorry for the delay with the answer. We’ve removed the limit for the order of the words when searching for a link in [[]], and the items with the specified order should appear higher in the search results. The fix is available on beta.

As for the non-working search for the multiple words, the issue with English/non-English character could be the case. Could you please describe which items could not be found out with which search phrase, so I could reproduce it locally?

Thank you!

Current [[]] works well for multiple words across the list. Thanks ^^.

But global search does not work for english too.
It looks like that global search works only for continuous multiple words.
Search engine of [[]] is much better than global search engine.

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That’s true. For [[]] we’ve implemented another search approach which does not have such a problem.
Please vote for bug: universal search doesn't look inside words! – Checkvist issues, bugs, features , hope we’ll implement it this year.


Hello folks,

Thanks everyone for the feedback, we’ve released this part of linking.

Really appreciate your help,

Can you please also add the names of items to the links to items (inside [] brackets), i.e. to recreate the same functionality that is now in place for lists?