Showing two embedded images

Hi all,
has anybody else noticed that they can’t embed two (different images) as only one of the images is shown twice. See below screenshot:


Hello Nigel,

I’m afraid the reason for that is that the image in the text is referred by name, and both images are named identically. Try uploading images under different names, then it should work.

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Thanks Kir. Mostly I’m attaching images to tasks by pasting them from the clipboard and this is why they have the same name (eg. image.png). Is it possible for Checkvist to give subsequent pasted images different names - ie. image1.png, image2.png? Alternatively is it possible to change the name of an image after it has been attached (ie. pasted) to a task?

Hello @Nigel ,

Thanks a lot for the explanation. “image.png” name is produced automatically by browser when one pastes image from the clipboard, I did not think that could be a problem, actually. But you’re right, this is inconvenient. We will try to fix this and will let you know.

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Hello @Nigel ,

Please check how it works on I think we’ve fixed the problem.


Hi Kir,
Yep, that’s fixed for me. Thanks heaps.

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