Shortcut for moving a task to a parent's sibling


I really appreciate the keyboard-centric approach of Checkvist! And I have a suggestion how moving tasks could be improved even further.

I often have to move a task out of its parent into one of the parent’s siblings. Of course I can do this by using the ctrl-up/ctrl-down shortcuts. But if the parent contains lots of tasks and the task to move is not at the top or bottom of these tasks, I have to press ctrl-up/ctrl-down very often. It would be very convenient if there was an additional pair of shortcuts that would allow jump-moving a task (including its sub-tasks) directly to the top of the tasks of the parent’s previous/next sibling. I suggest ctrl-left/ctrl-right for such shortcut (ctrl-pageUp/ctrl-pageDown, which might seem a more natural choice, is apparently already used for switching tabs in most browsers).

Hopefully such additional feature would not be too difficult to implement.

What do you think?

Best regards

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Just in case, to move a task you can also use Ctrl+X/Ctrl+V and ‘mm’ keyboard shortcuts.

Would it possibly help?



thanks for you answer.

Of course the suggested copy/navigate/paste is a possible alternative for moving a task to the desired position, and could require less keystrokes than repeatedly pressing ctrl-up/ctrl-down (depending on the circumstances). However, moving within the same list with ‘mm’ only by keyboard requires quite a lot of keystrokes. And the number of keystrokes is not deterministic, since the order of items in the ‘mm’ popup list changes.

In my view keyboard shortcuts serve to do a certain well-defined action very quickly without requiring me to think much or even look at the display. Therefore, it would be great if there was a fixed sequence of keystrokes to be executed so as to move a task up/down to the previous/next sibling of the current parent. Ideally, this sequence would be rather short: a single shortcut :wink:

Do you understand what I mean? I hope I could make myself clear.


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Hi there!

This is an action I do very very frequently so I support soremo’s proposal.

Thanks a lot.

Hmm. There is a shortcut Alt+PgUp/Alt+PgDown to move the item to the first/last position under the current parent.

So probably you could use Alt+PgUp and Ctrl+Up combination to move the task to the top parent’s sibling.

There was a blog post which illustrates different types of task reordering, please take a look, there is a demo, too.

Hope this would solve the issue. We have lots of shortcuts for reordering, already :slight_smile:


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Thanks for the reply. I wasn’t aware of Alt+PgUp/Alt+PgDown. Starting using it. :slight_smile:

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