Share (send contents of link via email)

An extremely handy feature would be one where, by using a shortcut, one could send the contents of the link to someone by email. To do this now, I type “ee”, do a “select all”, jump into another window to email, compose a new email, do a paste, and then send. I am often clipping ideas, notes, urls, etc and posting them to a “landfill” type list to sort later. As I go through the list, I think “oh, Joe would really like this website” which triggers the need for something like this. If there is a simpler way to do something like this, that is great, but I think this would be a real game-changer, because you could also email the link contents to other automated services, like Trello, etc.


Instead of using ‘ee’ and ‘select all’, you can simply highlight what you want including any sub items and Ctrl-C. Then Ctrl-V will past it.
Also, if you enable clipboard history in Windows, you can then use Win-V and choose what you want to paste.

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